About this site

- I created this website to coincide with my YouTube channel "AA Computers and Technology". Here I archive all of the systems I receive, write up articles about experiments, give back to my viewers by posting free 3D animations, and come up with ideas for new features on systems in "What We Want". I started this little project in the summer of 2014 knowing nothing about web servers, HTML, CSS, or basic java script. It took me about 3 weeks to learn everything I needed to via Codeacademy, YouTube, and online forums such as Stack Overflow. Setting up the webserver was the hardest part of getting this website up. I really wanted to run my website off Linux, but due to the steep learning curve and my lack of understanding of Apache I had to use Windows. Initially the website was hosted off a Pentium 4 machine but I have since upgraded it to an HP DC7800Q equipped with a Core 2 Duo, 3GB of DDR-2, and two hard drives in a RAID configuration. This site is a continuous work in progress as I am the only admin and am coding everything by hand.





- I am an engineering student who intends on working in fields related to computer engineering. I love messing around with small circuits, tearing down computers and other related equipment, and interacting with my audience on YouTube. Recently I have been really interested in learning about and deploying renewable energy sources, especially solar panels, if I can get the funding I plan on migrating all of my servers over to solar power. This website along with my YouTube channel serve as my primary job right now. Due to school and my family my schedule is much too hectic to work around someone else. My goal for both my channel and website is to keep them informative, entertaining, and appropriate for people of all ages.